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TechStart: Building a Startup in 90 Days | The Name

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Building a Startup in 90 Days | The Name

All the best e-Markets have the simplest names, iTunes, Play store, Amazon, Etsy, eBay,  Steam, etc… But the Business name is just a small fraction of the entire brand. What makes a good brand identity, is how the name makes you feel, the graphic design elements. The typography, the font, the color palette, and the placement of the letters in the name.

With this new venture, from the start, I wanted a brand identity that was modern, clean, and relevant. And although this series is more on the side of a tutorial, I try to maintain a sense of professionalism throughout the process.

I came upon this modern and beautiful looking font called Felona St. With the style extra light, gave usedTx.” that mood I was in search of.

Next for the color, I used the website to find a suitable palette. This platform does a good job of coming up with various modern, flat palettes of color from a simple search query by keyword, like in this case “used”, “old”, “text”, “books”.


And finally, to put it all together I used the free open-source program, Inkscape (similar to Adobe Illustrator but free).

Inkscape manipulates Vectors, and most modern Icons, logos, or brand names are vector-based.

Below is the finished look of the Brand identity of the final product.

If you are not a designer yourself I strongly recommend sourcing a professional for this part of building your own business from scratch. Because the brand Identity of your business is your first impression, and we all know first impressions are final.

Your brand identity can make or break how potential customers respond to your business.


In the next issue (Building a Startup in 90 Days | Identifying Potential Customers), we will explore just that, and have an idea as to whether people are interested in such a product.

Join me on this journey. Start your week with TechStart!


Who am I?


My name is Austin Lazarus and I have been in the Startup scene since 2014. My first experience came through the Digital Jam 3.0 App competition in Jamaica. Since then I’ve been to other regional pitch competitions and worked and collaborated with both local and regional entrepreneurs. My proudest moment came from placing 2nd at the NCB Digital Innovation Challenge in Jamaica for innovation in banking solutions.

Now, apart from my day job, I develop and operate the software solution for Restaurateurs and local vendors, BudgEat.

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