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Leverage your WhatsApp Status To Sell More Products

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 How To Leverage your WhatsApp Status To Sell More Products


In today’s market, because of stiff competition everywhere, social Sellers are looking for new ways to market and sell their products. There are lots of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Where you can market and sell products on social media. But those platforms are filled with a high amount of competing products and most are not properly designed for e-commerce. 


One such app that is used by millions of SMBs around the whole and wasn't designed for e-commerce is WhatsApp, a platform that makes you reach out to your customers on a one-on-one basis. WhatsApp has a feature called Status that enables you to post products during a 24hr window, for everyone on your contact list to see.  There are other ways you can advertise your products on Status, like using an external link to your products which you can then promote and share with friends, customers, or even groups on WhatsApp. Doing this yourself is fine, but because you may want to be more professional in your branding, you might want to use a third-party service to help you with the product presentation, payments, etc.

Sella by BudgEat is a sleek new mobile app that connects directly to WhatsApp and provides Sellers with advanced e-commerce features.

Below are a few advantages of using WhatsApp Status to boost sales:


Post your products to Status

The WhatsApp Status feature allows you to post a picture of your product for your contacts to view and engage with. The things you post on your Status are available for 24hrs. This way, people who are interested in your product can always send you a message.

But the 24hr limit means that you need to post the same content all the time for a potential customer to buy. Budgeat Seller solves this problem by providing you with a product catalog page that showcases your items for sale and includes a "Buy Now" button, with your preferred payment service. Along with additional e-commerce options for easy impulse purchases.


Keep a strong Social presence

45% of In-store consumers turn to mobile social platforms to influence their buying decisions. Being consistent on WhatsApp Status with your business is a guaranteed way of acquiring new customers.


 Offer exclusive deals

When something is exclusive, not everyone can have it, and by nature, people want what they can’t have. This simple psychological phenomenon attracts more buying customers to your business on WhatsApp. And at the end of the day, it increases sales.


Promote products with a link

By sharing a clickable link to your product catalog, with a third-party tool like Budgeat Seller, you provide ease of access to your product line. This further improves the buying process to customers, as they can easily navigate to your page to view more details about your products.


Take advantage of the WhatsApp Status feature today, with our third-party tool, Sella by BudgEat to improve sales to your Business.

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