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TechStart: Building a Startup in 90 days

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TechStart - Austin Lazarus TechStart - Austin Lazarus

Building a Startup in 90 Days

Building a Startup company is a crazy roller coaster of obstacles, challenges, highs, lows, disappointments, and let-downs. What’s more outrageous is attempting to build one again, if you’ve tried and failed, in just under 90 days. But I am hopeful, because with the advancement in technology and its ability to reduce the barrier to entry for new business ideas; technology allows for some semblance of possibility and even maybe success. As you know, attaining any type of success takes work and in this case, smart strategic planning.

Moreover, in this unconventional business venture, the smart way, is how I will outline building a tech Startup in such a short span of time.

You’re maybe thinking… Why 90 days (three months), really?

Because, this is for you, the millennial who doesn’t have the time to sit years waiting for something to make sense. I fit in this category as well, we want to move fast, and break things, and hope, maybe just once in our lives that we become successful at something.

Throughout this series, I hope to inspire you, the reader, to take action or simply to be more educated on Tech Startups.

I personally believe that Dominica needs more Startups. We are in a time right now where job opportunities are scarce and more and more young professionals are forced to look elsewhere for employment. But with just an idea and the right mindset (a bit of knowledge too), I am hopeful that we can build a better economy through entrepreneurship.

With this new series, Building a Startup in 90 days. I am going to try something that has never been done on this platform before.

To come up with an idea, a real-world solution to a problem here in Dominica: to research a target customer and create a revenue model.

And attempt, through modern Startup strategies to build a viable business from scratch.

This series will take the form of a bi-weekly post,  every other Monday, consisting of 8 parts.

  • Building a Startup in 90 days | The Idea
  • Building a Startup in 90 days | The Name
  • Building a Startup in 90 days | Potential Customers
  • Building a Startup in 90 days | Revenue Model
  • Building a Startup in 90 days | MVP
  • Building a Startup in 90 days | Marketing
  • Building a Startup in 90 days | Growth
  • Building a Startup in 90 days | Sustainability


Join me on this journey. Start your week with TechStart!


Who am I?

My name is Austin Lazarus and I have been in the Startup scene since 2014. My first experience came through the Digital Jam 3.0 App competition in Jamaica. Since then I’ve been to other regional Pitch competitions and worked and collaborated with both local and regional entrepreneurs. My most proud moment came from placing 2rd at the NCB Digital Innovation Challenge in Jamaica for Innovation in banking solutions.

Now, apart from my day job, I develop and operate the software solution for restaurateurs and local vendors, BudgEat.

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