How To Leverage your WhatsApp Status To Sell More Products


In today’s market, because of stiff competition everywhere, social Sellers are looking for new ways to market and sell their products. There are lots of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Where you can market and sell products on social media. But those platforms are filled with a high amount of competing products and most are not properly designed for e-commerce. 


Building a Startup in 90 Days | The Name

All the best e-Markets have the simplest names, iTunes, Play store, Amazon, Etsy, eBay,  Steam, etc… But the Business name is just a small fraction of the entire brand. What makes a good brand identity, is how the name makes you feel, the graphic design elements. The typography, the font, the color palette, and the placement of the letters in the name.

Dominica has a crap-load of problems. But actually, this is not so much of a bad thing…

Because if you’re the type of person who loves solving problems, as outrageous and far-fetched as this is going to sound, you will start to see Dominica as the Land of Opportunities.


Building a Startup in 90 Days

Building a Startup company is a crazy roller coaster of obstacles, challenges, highs, lows, disappointments, and let-downs. What’s more outrageous is attempting to build one again, if you’ve tried and failed, in just under 90 days. But I am hopeful, because with the advancement in technology and its ability to reduce the barrier to entry for new business ideas; technology allows for some semblance of possibility and even maybe success. As you know, attaining any type of success takes work and in this case, smart strategic planning.

I have been having this issue for some time now where any and all Google Chrome extension downloaded on the Chrome web store returns the following error:

An error has occurred, NETWORK_FAILED